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Charlie Puth Best.cover.ever. - Episode 4

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Join Charlie Puth and Ludacris as they surprise two very talented contestants, artist Joselyn Rivera and members of the band, Tyler & Ryan to ultimately decide who has the Best.Cover.Ever.

Growing up outside of Miami, singer Joselyn Rivera recently moved to LA with nothing but determination to pursue her passion. Couch-surfing and working part time jobs to stay afloat, she’s been singing since the age of 4 when her parents enrolled her in music lessons to help her come out of her shell.

Brothers Tyler & Ryan are a singer-songwriter duo from the North East, getting their start when Tyler turned to guitar after a football injury took him off the field and Ryan began singing with him. After starting a YouTube channel in their teens to attract girls, they started to build a fan base and have evolved their music to blend folk instruments into their unique take on pop.

Joselyn Rivera
Tyler & Ryan

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