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Overwatch Animated Short Inner Peace Sfm

Download Overwatch Animated Short | "Inner Peace" (SFM).mp3

Thank you all for 1 million views! Means a lot! New big animation like this one is in the works.

This is, of course, fan made.
Spent a lot of time on this, and i'm very happy with how it came out. I truly hope you guys enjoy!

If you enjoyed, don't forget to subscribe! There will be more animations to follow.

Wouldn't have been made had it not been for this incredible artist! The comic is completely based off of it, I recommend giving it a read and I hope I did it justice.

Huge thanks to Diggums for his Genji voice -

And to ISIC for Zenyatta -

And of course, my bud Speeder for being such a wonderful person and porting over Nepal assets. Wouldn't have been nearly as good without him.

Stay tuned for more!

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